Monday, April 28, 2008

i've been a busy boy


i just got home from little tokyo in downtown los angeles. my human wanted to make a trip for some frozen yogurt with her little sister and my second favorite human samie. we went to yougurtland. pinkberry has nothing on yogurtland as far as i can tell. after i watched my human eat her yogurt we went for a little walk. i saw so many dogs out! i wanted to sniff every single one of them, but my human was being a bad girl and kept dragging me along away from the other dogs. i think she's afraid i'm going to hurt the little dogs, but all i want to do is play.

yikes its already 11:30p! i need to go to bed so i can be nice and fresh for my walk tomorrow. thank goodness its not going to be as hot as it was today

goodnight blogger land!
bark at me,



Big City Poz said...

Captain, you are beautiful! I hope I have a chance to meet you. Ruby says hi.


Skidrow said...

Captain and Alexis- where have you been hiding? Come out and play!!! We want to learn more about you both! Don't let the web development stuff get in the way of your content. We understand that your blog(s) are not 100% the way you want them...