Monday, April 21, 2008

captain 8 boots

hey friends!

right now i'm at the office with my owner. she's busy hanging things up on the wall so i decided to leave a little post about my weekend before she comes back and kicks me off her computer.

saturday i went on an hour walk with my owner to salt lake park in huntington park. it was the longest i've walked. when we got there i chased some birds, ran through a basketball game , practiced a few of my tricks and marked every tree i could find. after i left the park i went home to watch the red sox game vs the texas rangers. did you know that there's a dog that blogs for the red sox nation named big pupi? I hope i get to meet him one day.

ok, my owner is coming back.


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ace said...

Hey Captain! Cool blog, it's good to see another dog that knows how to type. My human doesn't take me to work either, which stinks because I know that that there is lots of food in his office.

Big Pupi